ARG 50/65T

Small to Mid Size Boat Stabilizer System

Boat Stabilizer ARG 50/65T

The ARG 50T/65T boat stabilizer is our latest addition to our wide range of compact and solid stabilizers. It is meant for vessels under 10 tons and runs on 12 DC Batteries of AC power.  With a compact air-cooled unit, it is easy to install in your half cabin or work-boat and has reliable performance.


Its height is only 21.1 inches or 536 millimeters making it easy to fit into any yacht with a small compartment stabilizer area. The boat stabilizer weighs 234 Kg or 515 Lbs which is ideal for a medium-sized yacht. And because the power connection for the ARG 50T/65T yacht stabilizer is a single-phase, it can fit into any modern created yacht.


The ARG50T/65T boat stabilizer is best installed on the shores to ensure that every part is fixed in the right manner. It is specifically suited for the yachting industry because of its gentle capabilities. Of all the marine stabilizers available in the market, for class and size,  it certainly beats them all.

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The ARG 50t/65T stabilizer brings calm and comfort during all your dining and entertainment. With it, you are assured that you will sleep comfortably and calmly while it’s at the dock or when anchored out.  Also, the ARG50T/65T boat stabilizer is built to last has the lowest maintenance levels in the yachting industry.