Cleaning a yacht is not as time-consuming as some people think, but even so, it is one maintenance requirements. Maintaining your yacht will also depend on where and how often you are using it. If you are using your yacht on salty water, then you should always remove any corrosive build-up daily. Always check on your owner’s manual for any specific instruction from the manufacture for proper maintenance. Below is how to maintain your yacht and keep the luxury feel.

Start by Waxing Your Hull

In case you left your yacht for a few days without using it, it will be better to haul it out. You’ll then need to wash and hull the wax before you dry, store it or take it out for another voyage in Las Vegas. To do this, make sure you get an environmentally safe yacht cleaner to use on a wet yacht. Dry the hull after washing and always use a non-toxic brand of fiberglass or gel coat wax to prevent surface dirt. Waxing using a hull reduces the need for detergents when you will want to wash your yacht next time.

Find Appropriate Cleaners for the Windshield

If you want to stop cleaning the annoying water spots off your yacht windshield, then you should probably use a marine water repellent. Just make sure you choose the product that is safe for glass. There are a few such products in the market to choose from. But it also depends on the type of windshield you have.

Protect Your Upholstery

Avoid replacing your vinyl yacht upholstery by taking a few steps to protect it from weather elements. You first have to use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt, grime or salt residue. Secondly, apply a vinyl protection after wiping the upholstery with a damp cloth. And thirdly, use your yacht cover to protect against stains and weathering while preserving your upholstery life.

Rinse the Deck Properly after Cleaning

If you’re a first-time luxury yacht owner, you need to understand the importance of proper cleaning and rinsing. After cleaning, you can save time by rinsing off any dirt or spills immediately after they happen. Always rinse before it dries up. Also, consider the type of your yacht deck when the time comes for scrubbing your deck. Use a medium-stiff deck brush and yacht soap that is specially made by the marine environment when dealing with a non-skid deck.

Proper maintenance of your yacht is an excellent way to prepare it for your next family summer vacation. The good news is that all these maintenance needs are DIY. You won’t waste some extra cash hiring a professional to do the job.